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Magic Rumors and News 2011 Summer Boil

By: Chevall Kanhai
June 7, 2011

The summer started early for the Orlando Magic after receiving an "upset" bounce out of the playoffs at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks. The title hopes and long playoff run all ended much too early for the Magic nation. Now that its all said and done for the 2010-2011 season all talks have now turned to Dwight Howard and his contract situation.
Less than 24 hours after their summer started GM Otis Smith claimed he had an extension offer on the table for his franchise center. Dwight objected and said he hasn't seen one. Weeks later there is the misleading report from David Pingalore of Local 6 Orlando that Dwight spent Memorial Day weekend working on an extension that was due to be finalized and signed within days. Dwight himself also shot down that report claiming it false.

So, what is truly going on behind the closed doors? Orlando has suffered from the Shaq effect whom walked out of Orlando to shine bright in Los Angeles. Do we really want another dominant big man leaving this franchise in shambles? The same man who left wants to see Dwight stay in Orlando and win 3 or 4 titles as he announced that in his retirement speech. The situation has risen again and Orlando fans are in limbo.
As fans of the game we can get carried away at testing out own General Manager ideas but nonetheless lets note the popular vote; a change is needed yet again for the Magic

A few die hard fans have laid down thoughts in forums and around social networks. "Get Chris Paul", "I'll take Iggy from Philly" or, "Monta Ellis would be a great fit".
There is a simple plan for the summer of 2011 and that's doing it all to keep Dwight Howard in a Magic jersey for years to come. Easier said than done especially with the current investments that the franchise has. On top of that a new collective bargaining agreement could help or hurt the Magic pending its details.
Change is forecasted in Orlando however, will it happen? How will it happen? Who? Where? When? Those are questions that this summer will eventually answer for the Orlando Magic.


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