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Carmelo to the Magic? It's Possibility.

Carmelo Anthony to the Magic?

by Sean Reaves

Carmelo Anthony has refused to sign the extension the 3 year-$65 million extension the Nuggets have proposed. With Carmelo's recent toast of playing in New York in 2011, Lebron and Bosh both leaving to play with Wade, the Denver Nuggets have said they are willing to deal Carmelo is he is not willing to sign the extension. With all the trade rumors the Orlando Magic have been in this off-season, CP3 and even Boozer, it is time to add Carmelo Anthony to the mix.

The Orlando Magic obviously have the pieces to give the Denver Nuggets, we have an expiring contract in Vince Carter, we have talented players in Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat, and Brandon Bass, and we have the draft picks. Do not be surprised if a third team or a fourth team is added to the scenario to match up caps and take different talents and players. Houston has reportedly had interest in Rashard Lewis.

How would Carmelo fit in the Magic system? Carmelo Anthony is a great mid-range scorer, and has experience playing with Dwight. Carmelo is one of the top closers in the league, and will take more pressure off the surrounding players. Orlando would finally have that true go-to scorer they have been looking for, and Carmelo isn't looking to close out his career with a bang, he is just entering the prime of his career.

Do I think it will happen? The odds are very unlikely for this to happen. Is there a chance? Yes there is. Do not get your hopes up for this trade though. If I had my guess, Orlando is second in grabbing Carmelo. I believe the New York Knicks will be Carmelo Anthony destination. The Knicks are offering Gallo, expiring contract Eddy Curry to grab Carmelo, and most likely more. Otis Smith has repeatedly stayed firm on his stance that he really likes this team. Otis being Otis or not, I do not believe we will make a move or completely rebuild this team to grab Carmelo. Keep your CP3 wishing day job.


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