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Matt Barnes a Traitor and CP3 Teasing Us?

By Chevall Kanhai
July 24, 2010

Brokenhearted with Barnes
Now that Matt Barnes is a Laker some Magic fans believe in trashing him and calling him a traitor. Well I'm really not mad at Matt and here's why. He set out this off-season to find a better deal that would make him some more money. With Orlando's cap space already in a tight gap this was a sign that he was a possibility of leaving. When the Raptors couldn't afford to sign him to the original deal they proposed it was either play with a winner for less or sign with a mediocre team (Cleveland was a suitor) for more.

Barnes is a native of California and attended UCLA. The move across the country was influenced by that; he's playing in his hometown and for a contender. I can't blame him for the move. Also, for you Twitter addicts following Barnes you would know that he didn't leave on a bad note with us fans here in Orlando. He stated that he was thankful for being behind him and his family in this tweet. Sure the Lakers are the competition in to getting the championship and, Matt's scuffle with Kobe last season seemed like they'd never play together but never say never. There is an upside to this for those who have gone against Matt. He's playing behind Ron Artest at the Small Foward spot and, if the Lakers want to play with their length (and biggest strength) on the floor (Gasol & Bynum/Odom) there is little room for Barnes in the line-up. Ultimately, Barnes was never offered a contract from Orlando according to Otis Smith. If he wasn't offered one where he preferred with other suitors just as good chasing after him its hard to hate the guy.

Chris Paul's Pleasing and Teasing
In yesterday's piece I included an update for Chris Paul's demands. Later that day Chris Broussard of ESPN reported that Paul's updated "wish list" now has the Magic as his number one preferred destination. This whole ordeal is pretty much a tease. When you look at the reports they're all based on Paul's "wish list" and his demand of being traded. Nothing from Chris himself, Otis Smith, or the Hornets side. The most that includes a team or the front office is New Orleans meeting with him on Monday. Nothing has come out from Otis but a measly "I don't pay attention to the rumors" type of answer to questions of Paul's uproar. I'm surprised that Chris himself has laid this low during the past 48-hours. The most he's shown is a Twitter update the night of the report of his demands. "TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED".

To me it seems like he's having some fun. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade have been tweeting back and forth about hanging out with him in Vegas. The trio are going through work-outs and hanging out around the Team U.S.A. camp. My final thoughts on this craziness of him coming to Orlando? I'm all for it no doubt but I have my doubts until the New Orleans front office makes a decision after their meeting Monday.

Until then I won't be surprised if tomorrow Dallas was the front runner for CP3.


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